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Dotun Olubeko

Welcome to DPT Health & Fitness. My name's Dotun, a 1st generation Nigerian-American with a Master in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine and a B.Sc. in Nutrition & Food Science. Currently, I’m working full-time as a functional health consultant & performance coach, specializing in creating high-quality dietary, fitness, and lifestyle solutions that are restorative, sustainable, and ultimately designed to optimize performance and empower individuals in their day-to-day. I genuinely love the work I do to help others reach their full human potential and perform at their best, from athletes to busy professionals.


Before entering the “real world”, I was a football and track and field collegiate athlete, NCAA All-American, and professional hurdler. I spent much of my undergrad writing meal plans for my fellow teammates and working in a biochemical lab research on campus after practices. My formal education, the fortune of competing with some of the best athletes in the world, and uncovering a passion set off the desire to put that knowledge to use and I've been helping clients progress towards their personal goals ever since. My practice uses a client-centered model that aims to find the root of the problem and achieve optimal health and performance  (and you’ll look good doing it).


At my core, I'm all about spreading the intrinsic joys of health and wellness and I’ve found optimizing our physical health to be one of the most integral elements to achieving that. It was the kindling to connect me to the deeper parts of myself. Who I am today was only possible through the discovery of the mind, body, and spirit connection. I would love nothing more than to give that gift to those who seek it, just as I did. If you're ready to unlock the best version of yourself, reach out and schedule a free consultation to see if this is right for you. Until then, stay happy, stay safe.

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functional medicine: What is it?


     The current health & fitness systems and the information it draws upon are outdated, one-size-fits-all, and often counterproductive to reaching health goals. In modern medicine, this has resulted in an epidemic of chronic diseases, health issues of unknown origins, and an overall reduced quality of life that many of us have sadly gotten used to. The same approach to exercise is bringing about fitness plateaus and muscular imbalances of epic proportions that have become standard practice. 

     A functional systems approach to health and fitness is the answer to this crisis- where personalization and evidence-based dietary, fitness, and lifestyle plans meet to optimize human health. It considers the unique makeup of individuals and utilizes scientific analysis to understand what is holding you back and design a client-centered program to push you forward.

      DPT’s programs are the white-glove experience that applies this approach to busy professionals and athletes through carefully curated nutrition and exercise plans along with lifestyle recommendations to maximize performance every waking moment. 1-on-1 support and accountability, 100% online, and tailored to fit in your lifestyle. There is no limit to the progress that the human body and mind can make - get yours firing on all cylinders and finally reach your goals in the most effective way possible.

Call/text 559.382.3230 or email today to setup a free 15-minute consultation. Spaces limited.








client reviews

"I knew Dotun was the pro we needed from the second we met him.  He could relate to my daughter from the moment they started the triage!  His knowledge of what an elite athlete needs physically, mentally and in terms of nutrition is top notch! I’m so excited to continue on this journey to my daughter’s path to success as a D1 soccer player with Dotun!  I can’t say enough how relieved and happy we are to have found him!"


Annandale, VA

"Dotun is the main reason why I LOST 25 LBS! During COVID quarantine, I was gaining weight because the gyms were closed. I had no will power to go outside and run, or do the weights on my own. I procrastinated and in my frustration, I found Dotun. Dotun whipped me into shape, tailored the exercises and nutrition for me and gradually increased them as my level of ability increased as well. This is the white-glove experience you get when you hire him."


Las Vegas, NV

"Overall a great experience. He is highly knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness, he answered every question I had with depth. He truly values you as a client and closely monitors your progression. I’ve recommended him to my family and friends and would recommend his services to anyone from athletes to the casual lifter."


New Orleans, LA

"I thought I was looking for someone to help me get more comfortable in the 'gym world'. What I found was so much more. He believes strength isn't just about what you're working out, but also about what you're thinking, feeling, eating, and how you're living as a whole. With an added expertise in food and nutrition, he is a very knowledgable coach with a heart of gold who graciously accepts the challenge to better anyone that will allow him."


The Colony, TX

Dotun Olubeko


Tel: 559.382.3230



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